Bee Gees, Jan-Apr 1975 Criteria Studios Miami

Barry Gibb vocal, guitar -- Robin Gibb vocal -- Maurice Gibb vocal, bass, guitar -- Blue Weaver keyboards, synthesizers(ARP2600,Moog) -- Alan Kendall lead guitar, steel guitar -- Dennis Bryon drums -- The Boneroo Horns. Arif Mardin arrangements. Also: Joe Farrell sax -- Ray Baretto percussion -- Donny Brooks harmonica. Produced by Arif Mardin. Miami.

Bee Gees songs not on album from Main Course sessions, Jan-Mar 1975

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Bee Gees, Jan-Jun 1976 Criteria Miami/Mixed Le Studio Quebec

Barry Gibb vocal, guitar -- Robin Gibb vocal -- Maurice Gibb vocal, bass -- Blue Weaver keyboards, synthesizers, -- Alan Kendall lead guitar -- Dennis Bryon drums -- Joe Lala percussion -- The Boneroo Horns. Also: George Perry bass -- Stephen Stills percussion. Produced by Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Blue Weaver, Dennis Bryon, Alan Kendall, Albhy Galuten, Karl Richardson. Miami.

Bee Gees songs not on album from Children of the World sessions, Jan-Jun 1976

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Bee Gees in Concert L.A. 20th Dec 1976 o/d's Le Chateau Herouville France/Criteria Miami

Barry Gibb vocal, guitar -- Robin Gibb vocal -- Maurice Gibb vocal, bass -- Blue Weaver keyboards,synthesizers -- Geoff Westley keyboards -- Alan Kendall lead guitar -- Joey Murcia guitar -- Dennis Bryon drums -- Joe Lala percussion -- The Boneroo Horns. Produced by Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Blue Weaver, Dennis Bryon, Alan Kendall, Karl Richardson, Albhy Galuten. In concert, Los Angeles.

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(started out as the mixing session for the "Hear at Last" live album) Bee Gees, Le Chateau France Jan-Mar, Criteria Miami Mar-May 1977

Barry Gibb vocal, guitar -- Robin Gibb vocal -- Maurice Gibb vocal, bass -- Blue Weaver keyboards, synthesizers, grand piano -- Alan Kendall lead guitar -- Dennis Bryon drums -- [(Miami only)Joe Lala percussion -- The Boneroo Horns]. Produced by Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Blue Weaver, Dennis Bryon, Alan Kendall, Karl Richardson, Albhy Galuten. Herouville, France.

The Saturday Night Fever album tracks are:

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Bee Gees, Criteria Miami, Most of 1978

Barry Gibb vocal, guitar -- Robin Gibb vocal -- Maurice Gibb vocal, guitar? -- Blue Weaver keyboards, synthesizers -- Alan Kendall lead guitar -- Harold Cowart bass -- George Terry guitar -- Dennis Bryon drums -- Joe Lala percussion. Also: Gary Brown sax -- The Boneroo Horns -- The Chicago Horns -- Daniel Ben Zebulon percussion -- Herbie Mann flute. Produced by Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Blue Weaver, Dennis Bryon, Alan Kendall, Karl Richardson, Albhy Galuten. Miami.

Recorded during Spirits Sessions (Originally for Album)

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Andy Gibb Collection 1991

Man On Fire (5.21)
I Just Want To Be Your Everything (3.45)
(Love Is) Thicker Than Water (4.16)
Flowing Rivers (3.37)
Shadow Dancing (4.31)
An Everlasting Love (4.06)
(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away (4.07)
Desire (4.24)
After Dark (4.21)
I Can't Help It (Duet with Olivia Newton-John)
Time Is Time (3.41)
Me (without You) (3.41)
Polydor 1991


1980 Jimmy Ruffin Kingdom Sound Syosset N.Y./ Criteria Studios,Miami
Produced by Blue Weaver & Robin Gibb

Hold On (To My Love) (Robin Gibb,Blue Weaver)
Forever (Barry,Robin,Maurice Gibb)
Night Of Love (Robin Gibb,Blue Weaver)
Searchin' (Robin Gibb,Blue Weaver)
Changin' Me (Robin Gibb,Blue Weaver)

Where Do I Go (Duet with Marcy Levy) (Barry,Robin,Maurice Gibb)
Two People (Robin Gibb,Blue Weaver)
Jealousy (Robin Gibb,Blue Weaver)
Songbird (Barry Gibb,Blue Weaver)
RSO 2394 258

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Amen Corner live 1969 Finsbury Park Astoria

Andy Fairweather Low - Vocals
Blue Weaver - Keyboards
Dennis Bryon - Drums/Vocals
Clive Taylor - Bass/Vocals
Neil Jones - Guitar
Alan Jones - Baritone Sax
Mike Smith - Tenor Sax
Produced by Band

1. Introduction:MacArthur Park (Webb)3.39
2. Baby do the Philly Dog (Mathews/Smith/Ward)2.36
3. You're my Girl(I don't want to Discuss it) (Cooper) 2.17
4. Shake a Tail Feather (Hayes/Williams/Rice) 1.45
5. So Fine (Otis) 2.44
6. (Our Love)Is in the Pocket (Clinton/Jackson/McCoy) 2.45
7. Penny Lane (Lennon/McCartney) 3.07
8. High in the Sky (King) 2.55
9. Ginhouse (Troy/Henderson) 3.43
10. Bend Me, Shape Me (English/Weiss) 4.10
11. (If Paradise Is)Half As Nice (Battisti/Fishman) 3.13
12. Outro: Stag-O-Lee (Price/Logan) 2.57
Additional Tracks on Re-Release CD All different mixes from original releases

13. Hello Susie (Wood)
14. Get Back (Lennon/McCartney)
15. Hey Hey Girl (Fairweather Low)
16. Natural Sinner (Fairweather Low)
17. Evil Man's Gonna Win (Fairweather Low)
18. (If Paradise is)Half as Nice (Battisti/Fishman)
19. Get Back (Lennon/McCartney)
20. At Last I've Found Someone to Love (King)AKA Dominic Bugatti
New CD REP 4227-WY Repertoire Records


Fairweather 1970

Andy Fairweather Low - Vocals
Blue Weaver - Keyboards
Dennis Bryon - Drums/Vocals
Clive Taylor - Bass/Vocals
Neil Jones - Guitar
Track Listing to follow


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Lou Reed 1973
Basic tracks Morgan Studios London o/d's CTS/Record Plant N.Y.

Jack Bruce - Bass
Lou Reed - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Michael Brecker - Saxophone, Sax (Tenor)
Steve Hunter - Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Aynsley Dunbar - Drums
Randy Brecker - Trumpet
Bob Ezrin - Piano, Arranger, Drums, Producer, Mellotron
Dennis Ferrante - Vocals
Steve Hyden - Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Tony Levin - Bass
Allan MacMillan - Piano, Keyboards
Gene Martynec - Synthesizer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Jon Pierson - Trombone
Blue Weaver - Piano, Keyboards
Steve Winwood - Organ, Harmonium, Keyboards
Dick Wagner - Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
B.J. Wilson - Drums
Elizabeth Marsh - Vocals
Jon Peirson - Bass, Trombone

1. Berlin - 3:25
2. Lady Day - 3:39
3. Men of Good Fortune - 4:37
4. Caroline Says I - 3:57
5. How Do You Think It Feels - 3:43
6. Oh Jim - 5:12
7. Caroline Says II - 4:12
8. Kids - 7:51
9. Bed - 5:51
10. Sad Song - 6:59
RS 1002 / CD RCA 0207-2-R

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Strawbs Nov. 1971 Morgan/Island/Lansdowne Studios

A&M Records ---- AMLH 68078

Strawbs Oct-Dec 1973 Sound Techniques/The Manor/Morgan Studios

A&M Records --- AMLH 68144 ( Little known fact: This album was inspired by Dave Cousins waistline )

Strawbs 1998 Double Compilation CD including some new recordings
A&M Records 540 662-2

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1974 Uris Theatre, Broadway N.Y./Hammersmith Odeaon London

Ian Hunter lead vocals,guitar -- Ariel Bender lead guitar -- Overend Watts bass guitar -- Dale Griffin drums,vocals -- Morgan Fisher piano,synth -- Blue Weaver hammond organ -- Produced by Dale Griffin



Sorry it's not the true album cover yet..........


Ian Hunter release date 10/10/95

Ian Hunter-Guitar, Percussion, Guitar (Steel),Keyboards, Vocals
James Williams-Vocals (bckgr)
Vaneese Thomas-Vocals (bckgr)
Angela Clemmons-Patrick-Vocals (bckgr)
Torstein Flakne-Guitar, Vocals (bckgr)
Lasse Hafreager-Organ, Piano
Glen Matlock-Bass
John Plain-Guitar, Vocals
Baard Svendsen-Vocals (bckgr)
Blue Weaver-Keyboards
Darrel Bath-Guitar, Vocals
Mitt Garmon-Harmonica

1. Dancing on the Moon (Bath/Hunter/Plain) - 5:24
2. Another Fine Mess (Bath/Hunter/Plain) - 3:27
3. Scars (Bath/Hunter/Plain) - 5:00
4. Never Trust a Blonde (Bath) - 5:18
5. Psycho Girl (Plain) - 2:48
6. My Revolution (Dangerfield/Hunter/Steel) - 4:08
7. Good Girls (Plain) - 4:00
8. Red Letter Day (Hunter) - 5:11
9. Invisible Strings (Hunter) - 3:53
10. Everyone's a Fool (Bath/Roig) - 2:41
11. Junkee Love (Matheson/Steel) - 2:45
12. Other Man (Hunter) - 5:24
1995 Cleveland 1001

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Chicago 1978 Criteria Studios Miami

Chicago -Producer
Phil Ramone -Producer
Robert Lamm -Keyboards, Vocals
Jim Boyer -Engineer
Peter Cetera -Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Donnie Dacus -Guitar
Laudir Soares de Oliveria -Percussion
Lee Loughnane -Percussion, Trumpet, Vocals
James Pankow -Trombone
Walter Parazaider -Wind
Daniel Seraphine -Drums
Blue Weaver -Synthesizers
Laudir De Oliveira -Percussion

1. Alive Again
2. Greates Love on Earth
3. Little Miss Lovin'
4. Hot Streets
5. Take a Chance
6. Gone Long Gone
7. Ain't It Time
8. Love Was New
9. No Tell Lover
10. Show Me the Way
CD Columbia CK-35512
1978 LP Columbia 35512
CS Columbia PCT-35512
1996 CD Chicago 3012

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Pet Shop Boys 1986

Stephen Hague-Producer, Johnathon J. Jeczalik-Producer, Nicholas Froome-Producer
Blue Weaver-Producer, David Jacob-Engineer

1. Two Divided by Zero - 3:34
2. West End Girls (Lowe/Tennant) - 4:45
3. Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of... - 3:43
4. Love Comes Quickly (Hague/Lowe/Tennant) - 4:19
5. Suburbia - 5:50
6. Opportunities - :33
7. Tonight Is Forever - 4:31
8. Violence - 4:27
9. I Want a Lover - 4:50
10. Later Tonight - 2:46
11. Why Don't We Live Together? - 4:44
CD EMI America E2-46271 1986 CS EMI America E4-46271 EMI 17193


Pet Shop Boys 1987
Pet Shop Boys -Producer, Design

Dusty Springfield -Vocals
Eric Watson -Photography
Stephen Hague -Producer, Mixing
Dave Meegan -Engineer
Julian Mendelsohn -Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Shep Pettibone -Producer
Tony Phillips -Engineer
Andy Richards -Producer, fairlight, Keyboards, Programming
Blue Weaver -Fairlight, keyboard programming
David Jacob -Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Adrien Cook -fairlight, keyboard programming
Cindy Palmano -Photography
Mark Farrow -Design

1. One More Chance (Lowe/Orlando/Tennant)
2. What Have I Done to Deserve This? (Lowe/Tennant/Willis)
3. Shopping (Lowe/Tennant)
4. Rent (Lowe/Tennant)
5. Hit Music (Lowe/Tennant)
6. It Couldn't Happen Here (Lowe/Morricone/Tennant)
7. It's a Sin (Lowe/Tennant)
8. I Want to Wake Up (Lowe/Tennant)
9. Heart (Lowe/Tennant)
10. King's Cross (Lowe/Tennant)

1987 CD EMI America E2-46972
1987 CS EMI America E4J-46972
EMI 46972
1995 CD Parlophone 746972


Pet Shop Boys Aug 29,1995 Collection of B sides
Pet Shop Boys- Producer

Lance Ellington- Vocals (bckgr)
Shirley Lewis- Vocals
Bobby 'O'- Producer
John Etchells- Engineer
Pete Gleadall- Engineer
Phil Harding- Producer
Sylvia Mason James- Vocals
Katie Kissoon- Vocals
Bob Kraushaar- Engineer
Dee Lewis- Vocals
Steve Lipson- Guitar, Engineer
Johnny Marr- Guitar
Gary Maughn- Keyboards
Dave Meegan- Engineer
Mike Nielsen- Engineer
Tessa Niles- Vocals
Brian Reeves- Engineer
Frank Ricotti- Percussion, Vibraphone
Juliet Roberts- Vocals
Pete Schwier- Engineer
Helena Springs- Vocals
Mark Stent- Engineer
Danton Supple- Engineer
Ren Swan- Engineer
Blue Weaver- Organ (Hammond),Fairlight
Tony Walthers- Vocals (bckgr)
Bruce Woolley- Vocals
Paul Wright- Engineer
David Jacob- Engineer
Roy Spong- Engineer

1. In the Night (Lowe/Tennant)
2. Man Could Get Arrested (Lowe/Tennant)
3. That's My Impression (Lowe/Tennant)
4. Was That What It Was? (Lowe/Tennant)
5. Paninaro (Lowe/Tennant)
6. Jack the Lad (Lowe/Tennant)
7. You Know Where You Went Wrong (Lowe/Tennant)
8. New Life (Lowe/Springs/Tennant)
9. I Want a Dog (Lowe/Tennant)
10. Do I Have To? (Lowe/Tennant)
11. I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too) (Lowe/Tennant)
12. Don Juan (Lowe/Tennant)
13. Sound of an Atom Splitting (Lipson/Lowe/Tennant)
14. One of the Crowd (Lowe/Tennant)
15. Your Funny Uncle (Lowe/Tennant)
16. It Must Be Obvious
17. We All Feel Better in the Dark
18. Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend
19. Losing My Mind
20. Music for Boys
21. Miserablism
22. Hey, Headmaster
23. What Keeps Mankind Alive?
24. Shameless
25. Too Many People
26. Violence
27. Decadence
28. If Lover Were All
29. Euroboy
30. Some Speculation

1995 EMI 8 3423
1995 CD Capitol 34023


Pet Shop Boys Oct 1986
Pet Shop Boys-Producer

David Jacobs-Engineer
Gary Barnacle-Saxophone
Nick Froome-Producer
Stephen Hague-Producer
Phil Harding-Engineer
Johnathon J. Jeczalik-Producer
Andy MacKay-Saxophone
Julian Mendelsohn-Producer
Andy Richards-fairlight
Blue Weaver-Keyboards,Fairlight
David Jacob-Engineer
Khris Kallis-Keyboards
Adrien Cook-fairlight
Nicholas Froome-Producer
Julian Mandelssohn-Producer

1. In the Night (Lowe/Tennant) - 6:25
2. Suburbia (The Full Horror) (Lowe/Tennant) - 8:55
3. Opportunities (Lowe/Tennant) - 5:29
4. Paninaro (Lowe/Tennant) - 8:35
5. Love Comes Quickly (Hague/Lowe/Tennant) - 7:35
6. West End Girls (Lowe/Tennant) - 9:03
1986 CD EMI America E2-46450 1986 CS EMI America E4-46450 1986 EMI 17246


Pet Shop Boys April 1988

1. Left to My Own Devices - 8:16
2. I Want a Dog (Lowe/Tennant) - 6:15
3. Domino Dancing - 7:40
4. I'm Not Scared - 7:23
5. Always on My Mind/In My House (Christopher/James/Thompson) - 9:05
6. It's Alright - 9:24

1988 CD EMI America E2-90868 1988 CS EMI America E4-90868

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Miguel Bose 1986

Miguel Bose- Vocals
Roberto Colombo- Director
Paolo Gianolio- Bass
Steve Greetham- Guitar
Mary Jamison- Vocals (bckgr)
Chris Lawrence- Contrabass (Vocal)
Tessa Niles- Vocals (bckgr)
Jimmy Thomas- Vocals (bckgr)
Rudy Trevisi- Percussion, Saxophone
Celso Valli- Arranger, Keyboards, Producer
Blue Weaver- Programming
Richard Darbyshire- Vocals (bckgr)
Loris Ceroni- Bass
Luca Bignardi- Synthesizer, Programming, Engineer,Sequencing
Maurizio Biancani- Mixing
Juan Canovias- Vocals (bckgr)
Manclo de la Rente- stylist
Javier Vallhonrat- Photography
Doris Cales- Vocals (bckgr)

1. Nena (Aldrighetti/Bosé/Lerovante) - 4:49
2. Salamadra (Ameli/Bosé) - 4:01
3. Aire Soy (Bosé/Giagri) - 4:10
4. You Live in Me (Geagri/Ogletree) - 4:00
5. Amozonas (Bosé/Fornacian/Fornili) - 4:39
6. Todo Un Hombre (Bosé/Fornacian/Fornili) - 4:25
7. Cuandoo el Tempo Quema (Bosé/Giagri) - 4:05
8. Partisano (Bosé/Giagri) - 4:19
9. Amapola Besame (Berlanga/Bosé) - 3:35
WEA Latina 42083


The Damned PUK Studios Denmark 1986

Alone Again Or
The Portrait
In Dulce Decorum
The Girl Goes Down
Tightrope Walk
MCA MCG 6015

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Olympic Studios 1974
Album Info On its Way soon



Southern Music/Nova Studios -- Official Blackpool Souvenier Album

Jeremy Taylor - Vocals
Alun Davies - Guitar
Blue Weaver - Piano
Roger Sutton - Bass
Rod Coombes - Drums
Arrangements - Del Newman
Production - Jeremy Taylor/Peter Self
SPARK Records SRLP 115



Graeme Edge Band/Adrian Gurvitz Threshold Studios London/Adent Memphis 1975
Album Info On its Way soon



Osmonds 1979
SRM 1-3766 Mercury Records



Various Artist Double Album 1980
RS-2-4203 RSO Records



1979 Ish Ledesma Criteria Studios
Album Info On its Way soon


1979 Laura Taylor Criteria Studios
Album Info On its Way soon

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Compilation released Aug. 6th 1996

Klaus Schulze-Organ, Drums, Vocals, Electronic Sounds, Producer, electronics
Rick Wakeman-Keyboards
Jan Akkerman-Guitar
Jon Anderson-Vocals, Producer
Bill Bruford-Percussion, Drums
Jim Capaldi-Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Phil Collins-Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Dave Cousins-Guitar, Vocals, Guitar (12 String),Producer
Arthur Brown-Vocals
Bryan Ferry-Piano, Vocals
Peter Gabriel-Flute, Drums (Bass), Tambourine,Vocals
Gentle Giant-Producer
Golden Earring-Producer
Steve Hackett-Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (12 String)
Peter Hammill-Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
Michael Harris-Organ
Justin Hayward-Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Piano,Harpsichord, Vocals, Mellotron
Henry Cow-Producer
Steve Hillage-Guitar
Steve Howe-Guitar, Vocals
Kingdom Come-Producer
John Lodge-Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Percussion,Cello, Vocals
Jeff Lynne-Guitar, Vocals, Producer
Phil Manzanera-Guitar
Dave Mason-Bass, Guitar, Sitar, Vocals,Tamboura, Mellotron, Shakkai
The Nice-Producer
Michael Pinder-Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Piano,Cello, Harpsichord, Mellotron
Chris Squire-Bass, Vocals
Ray Thomas-Flute, Vocals
Robin Trower-Guitar
Steve Winwood-Organ, Bass, Guitar, Percussion,Piano, Harpsichord, Vocals
George Duke-Synthesizer, Keyboards, Vocals
Pete Lemer-Synthesizer, Piano (Electric)
Chris White-Producer
Francois Jeanneau-
Phil Miller-Guitar
Pekka Pohjola-Bass
Quiet Sun-Producer
Chester Thompson-Drums
Daevid Allen-Guitar, Vocals
Graeme Edge-Percussion, Piano, Drums
Dagmar Krause-Trumpet, Vocals
Darryl Way-Violin
Coste Apetrea-Guitar
Rod Argent-Organ, Piano (Electric), Vocals,Producer
Mark Ashton-Drums, Vocals
Atomic Rooster-Producer
Russ Ballard-Guitar, Vocals,Organ, Keyboards, Piano (Electric)
Tony Banks-Vocals, Guitar (12 String),Mellotron
Tim Blake-Synthesizer
Peter Blegvad-Clarinet, Vocals
Christian Boule-Guitar
Gary Brooker-Piano
Roger Dean-Artwork, Design, Illustrations,Paintings
Keith Emerson-Organ, Synthesizer, Vocals
Matthew Fisher-Organ
John Greaves-Bass, Piano
Hatfield & the North-Producer
Lee Jackson-Bass, Vocals
Chris Karrer-Guitar, Vocals
Sonja Kristina-Vocals
Greg Lake-Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Producer
Phil May-Vocals
Francis Monkman-Synthesizer, Guitar, Piano,Mellotron
Jim Pembroke-Vocals
Nic Potter & Guy Evans-Bass
Savage Rose-Producer
Irmin Schmidt-Keyboards
Slapp Happy-Producer
Christian Vander-Synthesizer, Drums, Keyboards,Vocals
Cyrille Verdeaux-Organ, Synthesizer, Piano, Conga,
Gong, Producer, Mellotron
Mike Vernon-Producer
Thijs Van Leer-Organ, Flute, Harmonium, Vocals
Dick Taylor-Guitar, Vocals
Gianni Nocenzi-Synthesizer, Clarinet, Piano
Manuel Göttsching-Guitar
Demis Roussos-Bass, Vocals
Richard Hudson-Cymbals, Drums, Producer
Chris Cutler-Drums, Radio
Lindsay Cooper-Bassoon, Oboe
Mongezi Feza-Trumpet
Mark Edwards-Cello, Producer
Tom Fowler-Bass
Jimmy Miller-Producer
Roy Albrighton-Guitar, Vocals
Wally Allen-Bass, Guitar, Piano, Reeds, Vocals
Tom (Colonel) Allom-Producer
John Anthony-Producer
Gilbert Artman-Percussion, Drums, Art Direction
Hugh Banton-Organ, Synthesizer, Piano, Vocals
Mireille Bauer-Percussion
Phil Becque-Producer
Bev Bevan-Drums
Klaus Blasquiz-Vocals
Bob Boisadan-Organ, Synthesizer, Piano (Electric)
Philippe Bolliet-Saxophone
Jean Michel Brezovar-Guitar, Vocals
Napoleon Murphy Brock-Vocals
Julian Brown-Synthesizer
Hans Bruniusson-Drums
Richard Brunton-Guitar
John Burns-Producer
Pier Luigi Calderoni-Drums
John Cann-Guitar, Vocals
Louis Cennamo-Bass
Chris Clarke-Remastering
Tony Clarke-Producer
Mel Collins-Flute, Saxophone
Rod Coombes-Drums
Denny Cordell-Producer
Richard Coughlan-Drums
Vincent Crane-Organ, Piano, Vocals, keyboard bass
Charles Cronk-Synthesizer, Bass
Holger Czukay-Bass, Electronic Sounds, electronics
Renato D'Angelo-Bass
Andy Dalby-Guitar
Brian Davidson-Drums
Christian Decamps-Organ, Piano, Vocals, Clavinet
Francis Decamps-Organ, Vocals
Franz DiCioccio-Drums, Vocals
Francesco DiGiacomo-Vocals
Werner Diermaier-Drums
Steve Dolan-Bass
Joel Dugrenot-Bass
Mike Edwards-Cello
Tony Elliot-Vocals
Kenneth Elliott-Synthesizer, Percussion, Keyboards,Vocals
Harmut Enke-Bass
Brian Eno-Synthesizer
Kalle Eriksson-Trumpet
Guy Evans-Drums
Herve Eyhani-Synthesizer, Bass
Frank Zappa-Guitar, Vocals, Producer
Graham Field-Organ
Mike Finesilver-Producer
Fred Frith-Guitar, Violin, Xylophone
Desmond Fisher-Bass
Gregory Fitzpatrick-Producer
John Ford-Bass, Producer
Allan Freeman-Keyboards, Vocals
Eelco Gelling-Slide Guitar
Rinus Gerritsen-Synthesizer, Bass, Keyboards
Wilfred Gibson-Violin
Gilli Smyth-Poetry, Space Whisper
Mick Glossop-Producer
Giorgio Gomelsky-Producer
Brian Gould-Organ, Synthesizer Strings
Steve Gould-Bass, Vocals
Gary Green-Guitar
Mans Groundstroem-Producer
Jukka Gustavson-Organ, Synthesizer, Piano, Vocals
Daniel Haas-Bass
Harris Halkitis-Bass, Saxophone, Vocals
Paul Hammond-Drums
Rudolf Hansen-Bass
Michael Harris-Organ
Pye Hastings-Guitar, Vocals
Peter Hauke-Producer
Cyril Havermanns-Bass, Vocals
John Hawken-Synthesizer, Piano
Barry Hay-Vocals
Charles Hayward-Drums
Robby Heibl-Bass, Vocals
Robert Henrit-Drums
Dan Hersch-Remastering
David Hitchcock-Producer
Tim Hodgkinson-Organ, Clarinet
Tony Hooper-Guitar (Acoustic), Producer
Ron Howden-Bass, Drums, Vocals
Mike Howlett-Bass
Bill Inglot-Remastering
Hans Joachim Irmler-Organ
David Jackson-Saxophone, Vocals
Dave Jarrett-Organ, Piano (Electric)
Michael Johnson-Liner Notes
Phil Jump-Piano (Electric), Synthesizer,Strings
Dave Kaffinetti-Piano (Electric)
Michael Karoli-Guitar
Tony Kaye-Organ, Synthesizer, Piano
Rik Kenton-Bass
Renate Knaup-Kroetenschwanz-Vocals
David Knights-Bass
George Kooymans-Guitar, Vocals
Anders Koppel-Organ, Percussion
Thomas Koppel-Percussion, Piano, Harmonium
Silver Koulouris-Guitar
Olaf Kubler-Producer
Derek Lawrence-Producer
Geoff Leigh-Saxophone
Peter Leopold-Drums
Jaki Leibezeit-Drums
Bill MacCormick-Bass
Andy MacKay-Oboe, Saxophone
Didier Malherbe-Flute, Vocals
Rodolfo Maltese-Guitar, Trumpet
Robert Martin-Bass
Francois Mativet-Guitar
Jim McCarty-Percussion, Drums, Vocals
David McLees-Compilation, compilation producer
Kerry Minnear-Keyboards
Benoit Moerlen-Percussion
Pierre Moerlen-Drums
Ole Molin-Guitar
Anthony Moore-Piano, Electronic Sounds,electronics
Derek Moore-Bass, Vocals
Francone Mussida-Guitar, Vocals
Uwe Nettlebeck-Producer
Vittorio Nocenzi-Organ, Synthesizer, Producer
Kieran O'Connor-Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Davy O'List-Guitar, Vocals
Eddie Offord-Producer
Ronnie Osterberg-Drums
Patricia Paay-Vocals
Mauro Pagani-Reeds, Violin
Antonio Pagliuca-Keyboards
Carl Palmer-Drums
Vangelis-Keyboards, Vocals, Producer
Jean Hervé Peron-Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Gary Peterson-Liner Notes, Compilation
Giorgio Piazza-Bass
Florian Pilkington Miksa-Drums
Pip Pyle-Drums
John Povey-Organ, Percussion, Sitar, Vocals
Andrew Powell-Guitar, Vocals
Flavio Premoli-Keyboards, Vocals
Jane Relf-Percussion, Vocals
Keith Relf-Guitar, Vocals
Gianpiero Reverberi-Producer
Neil Richmond-Producer
Alex Riel-Percussion, Drums
Michel Ripoche-Trombone, Saxophone
Jim Rodford-Bass, Vocals
Falk Rogner-Keyboards,Bass, Vocals, Guitar (12 String)
Mike Rutherford-Sitar (Electric), bass pedals,Electric Sitar
Paul Samwell-Smith-Producer
Derek Shulman-Bass, Vocals
Ray Shulman-Guitar, Keyboards
Lucas Sideras-Drums, Vocals
Graham Simpson-Bass
Dave Sinclair-Organ, Piano, Vocals, Mellotron
Richard Sinclair-Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Vocals
Peter Sinfield-Synthesizer, Vocals, Guitar (12 String), Producer
Norman Smith-Producer
Rudolf Sossna-Guitar
Martin Steer-Drums
Robert Jan Stips-Keyboards, Vocals, Vibes
Kenji "Damo" Suzuki-Vocals
Aldo Tagliapietra-Bass
Richard Tandy-Synthesizer, Guitar, Piano
Paul Thompson-Drums
Janik Top-Bass
Martin Turner-Bass, Vocals
Ted Turner-Guitar, Vocals
Ruth Underwood-Percussion, Marimbas, Vibes
Steve Upton-Percussion, Drums
Pierre VanDer Linden-Drums
Ron VanEck-Bass, Harmonica
Sacha VanGeest-Flute, Vocals
Hans VanOosterhout-Producer
Bruno Verdeaux-Synthesizer
Marco Vrolijk-Percussion, Conga, Drums, Vocals
Blue Weaver-Producer, Mellotron
Colin Walker-Cello
Ulf Artan Wallander-Saxophone
John Weathers-Drums
John Weinzierl-Guitar, Vocals
B.J. Wilson-Drums
Gunther Wusthoff-Drums, Keyboards, Saxophone
Dave Stewart-Keyboards
Simon Heyworth-Producer
Peter Ker-Producer
Mike Alberquerque-Bass
Toni Paglicua-Keyboards
Amon Düül II-Producer
Patrick Milligan-Project Director
Vincent Creane-Organ, Bass, Piano, Keyboards,Vocals
Archie Patterson-Compilation, compilation producer
Brian Schuman-Compilation
Barry E. Eames-Art Direction
David Sinclair-Organ, Piano, Vocals, Mellotron
Michi Deirossi-Drums
Didier Gouinochet-Producer
Mans Grounstroem-Producer
Robby Heibi-Bass, Vocals
Gerard Helsch-Drums
Pierre Van Der Lynden-Drums
Martyn Dean-Design
Christos Stapinopoulos-Conga, Drums
John Adler-Drums, Vocals
Dave Lambert-Guitar, Vocals
Chris Wood-Organ, Flute, Saxophone, Vocals

1. America (Bernstein/Sondheim)
2. Paper Sun (Capaldi/Winwood)
3. Repent Walpurgis (Fisher)
4. Private Sorrow/Balloon Burning (May/Povey/Taylor/Waller)
5. Legend of a Mind (Thomas)
6. Kings & Queens (McCarty/Relf)
7. Sympathy (Ashton/Field/Gould/Kaffinetti)
8. Under the Sky (McDonald/Sinfield)
9. Searching (Schulze)
10. Sunrise (Brown/Kingdom Come)
11. System, the/Babylon (Ferris/Vangelis)
12. Death Walks Behind You (Cann/Crane)
13. De Vierte Kuss (Göttsching/Schulze)
14. Killer (Banton/Hammill/Smith)
15. Oh Yeah (Czukay/Karoli/Liebezeit/Schmidt/Suzuki)
16. Knife-Edge (Emerson/Frazer/Janácek/Lake)

17. In the Land of Grey and Pink(Coughlan/Hastings/Sinclair/Sinclair)
18. It Happened Today (Linwood/Monkman)
19. Hocus Pocus (Akkerman/VanLeer)
20. Prophet/Marvelry Skimmer (Gustavson/Pembroke)
21. Perpetual Change (Anderson/Squire)
22. Lothlorien (Argent/White)
23. Ladytron (Ferry)
24. Radio (Stips/VanEck)
25. Dear Little Mother (Koppel/Koppel)
26. Musical Box (Banks/Collins/Gabriel/Hackett/Rutherford)
27. Roll over Beethoven (Berry)
28. New World (Cousins)
29. Celebration (Mussida/Premoli/Sinfield)
30. Karn Evil 9:1st Impression, Parts 1 & (Emerson/Lake)

31. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight (Banks/Collins/Gabriel/Hackett/Rutherford)
32. Siberian Khatru (Anderson/Howe/Wakeman)
33. Virginia Plain (Ferry)
34. Warrior (Powell/Turner/Turner/Upton)
35. Warinobaril (Artman/Bolliet/Eyhani/Mativet)
36. Mozambique (Heibi/Karrer/Knaup/Leopold/Rogner/Weinzieri)
37. Round and Round (Cousins)
38. Questions and Answers (Albrighton/Freeman/Howden/Moore)
39. Fils de Lumiere (Décamps/Décamps)
40. Ritorno Al Nulla (Deirossi/Pagliuca/Tagliapietra)
41. Without Words (Vedeaux)
42. Star Palace of the Sombre Warrior (Elliott)
43. Perfect Mystery (Gong)
44. Free Hand (Minnear/Shulman/Shulman)
45. War (Blegvad/Moore)
46. Andra Satsen (Fitzpatrick)
47. Let's Eat (Real Soon) (Pyle/Sinclair)
48. Traccia II (DiGiacomo/Nocenzi)
49. Tröller Tanz (Ghost Dance) (Vander)

50. It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl (Diermaier/Irmler/Peron/Sosna/Wusth)
51. Mummy Was an Asteroid, Daddy Was a... (MacCormick)
52. Radar Love (Hay/Kooymans)
53. Inca Roads (Zappa)

1996 CD Rhino 72451


ONE 2 MANY 1988
A&M Records 1988 cda 9003



Art of Silence 1996
Permanent Records perm cdx 32




Various Artists
Voiceprint 1993 VP141CD

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Appears ON........

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DJ Michael Fierman  Fire Island Classics
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Andy Gibb  Greatest Hits Collection
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Jennifer Love Hewitt  Jennifer Love Hewitt
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Zsa Zsa Padilla  In My Life: Zsa Zsa Live
Warren Shaw  Other Side of Midnight
The Strawbs  Grave New World
Various Artists  Best of ERC Records
Various Artists  High Energy, Vol. 2: 80s Dance Music
Various Artists  History of Rap, Vol. 3
Various Artists  Ocean Drive, Vol. 4
Various Artists  Tea Dance, Vol. 3

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